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Today USEPA has made a choice to remove all acpects of lead service lines from the water supply throughout the US. with that, Illinois has enacted new regulation that was enforced on January 1, 2022. known as Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act.

Information about  IEPA Requirement to Conduct a Material Inventory (Survey)

As being called out by federal EPA, all water supplies through out the nation are being required to conduct a Material Inventory (survey) to complie known material of the water service line from the water main up to and into the residence or building that peope live.  By clicking on this link to access  Fosterburg Water Material Inventory Form. Please take the time and complete. If you are unsure and would like a represenative from FWD to inspect your service line, in side your residence, please call 618 259 0935 and make an appointment.  As noted in the regulation, FWD has to complette the survey by April 15 of 2023 with final reporting to IEPA by April 15 of 2024. You can e-mail the form to fosterwater@fosterburgwaterdistrict.com, fax it to 618 259 9887 or snail mail it to 3216 Main St., Alton, IL. 62002.


History of Lead Service Lines

As with most older communities, it was common practice to use lead as type of material as a conduit of water from the water main to the house or building.  Most older communities utilized what known as a "Goose Neck" in which a small portion of lead in the shape of goose neck was use to connect the service line to the water main.  Yet other communities utilized the lead line all the way up to the water meter in which most where located within the homes. This is know in the water industry a winter zone installation.

Fosterburg Water District is fortunate that this practice was NOT used. FWD connection is completed by utilizing brass fittings rather than lead service line. The service line material from the water main to the water meter is plastic. (PVC, Polybutylene, or Polyethylene).  FWD utilizes what is known as summer zone installation, whereby your water meter sits in a meter box out by the road on your property line.

As per the regulation, if lead service line is noted up stream of any galvanized or lead service line. Then those water services down stream are to be replaced in its entirety (To with inside the structure of 18 inches or first shut off valve, whichever is closest).  As noted, FWD does not have any LEAD Service connections from the main to the water meter and the down stream side of the service lines of the water meter is not subject to replacement unless said service line is made of LEAD.   All other service line material are not subject to required replacement.


Who's Resonsible for What

The cost or responsibility of the replacement has been shifted from the private owner to the water supplier.  This only pertains to the replacement of LEAD service lines. The cost of replacement has yet to be detemined. Per the regulation, water supplies are responsible for ensuring the replacement of any lead service lines, but the cost associated was not defined. As noted in paragragh Q-7 (C)  "Consideration of different scenarios structuring payment between the utility and its customers overtime" as found in the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act.

FWD will not be responsible for any water leaks or replacement of water lines that are not subject to the LEAD Service Line Replacement and Notification Act nor if said service has been replaced, that FWD will not be responible for any furture leaks on said replacement service line.


Environmental Protection Agency Link to Water Supplies of Illinois

To see all of the samples results reported to IEPA click on  Illinois Drinking Water Watch, here you can find any water supplier that IEPA has authority over and see not only water sample results, but also any infomation pertaining to the water supply.


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