PFAS - What are they?

PFAS refers to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a class of synthetic, man-made chemicals, manufactured for
industrial applications and commercial household products such as: non-stick cookware; waterproof and
stain resistant fabrics and carpets; firefighting foam and cleaning products. The properties that make
these chemicals useful in so many of our every-day products also resist breaking down and therefore
persist in the environment. Human exposure to PFAS may be from food, food packaging, consumer
products, house dust, indoor and outdoor air, drinking water and at workplaces where PFAS are made or

These test where performed in March and April of 2021. The test results are to be used in data collecting so that the U.S. EPA and IEPA are working on regulations as to what levels should be met for health and safety of our water supplies throughout the U.S.A.

As far as water treatment for PFAS, there are a limited number of treatment options available. We also know that boiling the water will NOT remove the contaminates. In fact, this will only concentrate the levels.

You can safely use your water for bathing and showering as PFAS is not easily absorbed into the skin.

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