Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office at 618-259-0935 and we will provide it for you.

Rates Effective January 9, 2017:

Shut Off Fee is $75.00 - FWD does place a Robo call the day before shut off is scheduled to be completed to give those affected an opportunity to make a payment and save an additional $75.00 reconnect fee. 

FWD asks for your electronic contact information.  Please take the time to subscribe (found on the right side of Home Page).  In doing so, you will receive any alerts that FWD may have that would require giving you due notice of any outages or boil orders that may occur.



Standard Residential Service Rates

Monthly Minimum:
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill:
A Hydrant Assessment per month of $.35 is added to the Monthly Minimum
for the first 1,000 /gallons
Tier (gal.): $/1,000 gal.:
0 - 1,000 $25.40
1,100 - 3,000 $10.60
3,100 - 9,000 $7.30
9,100 - 20,000 $5.04
20,100+ $4.34

Our community's water meters are read each month. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Average Billing Examples

2,000 $36.35
5,000 $61.55
10,000 $95.79
25,000+ $167.89

The average water bill for Fosterburg Water Customers is about 5,000 gallons per month, family of 4