Water Source Research

As of November 15, 2017, the FWD Board of Trustees voted to not participate in the regional water plant. This is due in part of limited statutory authority as a public water district in regards to the public water district act or regulation that FWD is organized under.  This also includes any "Seed Money" that would help the group move the project forward.  The Trustee's also voted to remove the representative for FWD from the group as well.


This new information was brought to light in the legal research process, as each entity was instructed in what they can and cannot do in respect to how each entity is organized under state statues and how it applies in participating in the regional concept.


What FWD can do is purchase water from an entity that lies outside its corporate boundary. FWD can also share information or give insight to any questions that should pertain the future plans of the regional plant concept as well as attend any meetings that should relate to FWD. However, FWD cannot vote or have a say in the final decision of the group as a whole.


FWD has informed the group, working on the concept, that if the group should prove to have good, well known factual cost to purchase. That future discussions should be held between the two entities.